Children aged 1-4 are welcome to attend our Créche during the live talk on Sundays.

Parents take turns to run the Créche. 

This frees other parents to attend the meeting while their little ones are having fun.

We also offer Grace Kidz – church especially for 5-12 year olds; and Tribe Youth Church – dedicated to teens. Check out the Small/Life Groups Tab to find out more.

In our Créche, little ones discover who Jesus is through simple fun, songs, short stories, Bible memory verses, prayer & play. What He is like and what He can do. How He wants us to love one another.

They’ll toss bouncy balls in the air to make rain for Noah’s Ark. They’ll clang building blocks together to make thunder–and learn how God calms a storm. It’s never too early to begin building spiritual foundations with babies and toddlers.

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