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Week 4: STEPPING STONES 6-week Zoom Event. Helping navigate God’s Truths

Grace Church

7:00 pm

Grace Church


Grace Church

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March 17, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 7:50 pm

Design Argument for God (Hosted by Ervin Seremet)
What explains the tremendous fine-tuning we observe in the cosmos: natural processes, or a Designer?

Join week 4 of this free 6-week Zoom event on Wednesday, 17th March 2021 from 19.00-19.50 using this link:



Did you ever ask yourself the question WHY?
No, not What, but WHY!
Why do you believe the things you believe?

Sometimes answering this question takes time, energy, and even courage.
You see, none of us like stepping out of our comfort zone. We all feel it’s a happy, safe place. But is it?

STEPPING STONES exists to help you step out of that comfort zone, to find answers, and learn about the God of the bible, in areas of Science, History & Reason.
Whatever your world view, we owe it to ourselves to choose the right one.
If you’re ready to take that next step, you are welcome to come, listen or even take part.

Finding the truth is like finding treasure with lasting positive results. It really should be the aim of all humanity!

Yet, because of life’s roller coaster, false securities, or even plain old fashioned apathy, we find ourselves settling for second best.
Once again, with lasting results.

To take time-out, reflect and consider may be the most rewarding, courageous, decision we make.

Remember, life is like a stepping stone across the river of time.

Where will your next step fall?
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